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well, the game is officially over. it began to feel like it was over after the colts took the opening kickoff, went 12 plays, 80 yards, 7-0. established early dominance and never let up. they win it 38-14. we're joined now by tony dungy or are we going to andrea first?
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she is down on the field and i will find out, along with the rest of you, who is with andrea. >> eddie: thank you very much, bob. peyton manning declined to be interviewed after this game so we are pleased to have the defensive star dwight freeney with us. now, why were you able to get to eli manning the way that you did tonight? >> i think it has a lot to do with what we do every day. it's about training and practice and about the colts who are around here. we get after quarterbacks is what we do. especially when we get leads. opportunity to make some plays happen. >> eddie: you and robert mathis are the masters of the sack fumble. you had two tonight. how are you able to take advantage of particularly giants left tackle david diehl? >> i think every time we go after the quarterback, running back, we are trained to go ahead and cause that fumble. i think, you know, probably originate lawrence taylor on that and i grew up watching him. robert does a great job. whenever we get an opportunity we try to strip the ball.
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>> eddie: uncharacteristic way to start the season last week with a loss. how important was it for you to come out strong from the start? >> very important. especially a home game. we want to start off the season on a good noit note. obviously, the first game didn't happen. why 16 games and opportunities to prove yourself. >> eddie: how do you build on tonight's win as you head to denver? >> hopefully, we correct our mistakes that happen. >> eddie: what mistakes did you see? >> in football you can find anything. i promise you on every play there is something you can correct. i'm sure we will go in on monday, tomorrow, correct our mistakes and move on. >> eddie: thanks for your time, dwight. appreciate it. bob, back to you. >> andrea, thanks very much. this was the scene after the game ended. eli manning on the short end. really on the short end. 38-14. being consoled with his parents archie and olivia after losing
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to the colts 38-14. as you all know, peyton manning is one of the most cooperative athletes in all of sports and available in all of sports. he knew the questions most had to pertain to eli and figured there was nothing he could say and only make it worse. my guess would be that is why peyton politely declined to speak to andrea kremer. tony, you old team had it going on tonight. what was your take? >> they really did. i can kind of sense that. i talked to jim caldwell on friday. and he was more concerned about the offense than he was about the run defense. everyone else with was talking about the colts run defense and the weaknesses they had. but the offense wasn't sharp last week. he felt like they really practiced well, that peyton would be on top of his game and they came out with a first drive, w1scored. that really set the tempo because this team is so much different, when they are ahead than when they are playing from behind. >> they were ahead from the
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opening drive 80 yards, 12 plays, established a 7-0 lead and never looked back. they had to be aware after losing the texans last week, texans beat the redskins in overtime before this game began. so the texans are off to a 2-0 start. had indy fallen to 0-2 they would have been in a hole early in the season. >> would have been a deep hole. i was very, very impressed with houston today. they followed up on a big emotional win with a different type of win. they are down 17 points on the road, were having trouble running the ball and matt schaub had to bring them back and win this game. these are the type of gaps, the last two weeks, where they have got a sense now they are a very good football team and i don't think people are going to want to play them in the coming weeks. >> tony, you were peyton's coach the first time he faced his brother eli. this time eli ma much more success. a young pup then and people expected peyton to prevail. but looked at this as a rivalry
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being a little bit closer and all peyton tonight. knowing how close the brothers are, don't you suspect even though he happy with his own perform answer and his team's performance but in a sense it's a tough night for peyton manning. >> this is a very tough night. i have watched peyton when i coached there and we would play a 4:00 game and' lie would play at 1:00. peyton would take the giants losses very hard. this is a game that he is glad his team came out and played well, but he is very, very disappointed and hurt like that big brother for eli. he wanted him to play better and i don't think this was an easy game at all for peyton. >> tony, thanks a lot. talk to you next week. we turn to mike florio. tomorrow, on your monday ten-pack one of the big topics is the vikings who are 0-2 and look like a desperate 0-2. >> yeah, it's right, bob. a year they went all in to get brett favre to come back one more year and paid him a lot more money.
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the question is will they pay even money to attract vincent jackson from the chargers. san diego has until wednesday to trade vincent jackson and have him miss only four games with his new team. and if the vikings are that team, they wouldn't have vincent jackson until october 17th, so the damage could be done but i think brett favre is going to want some help. there is too many injuries in that passing game and he doesn't trust any receivers that are healthy. >> another disappointment has to be the cowboys who now face a tough game coming up against houston. how hot would the seat beneath wade phillips tail be if they lost and went to 0-3? >> well, if you fall 0-3 against your instate rivals and you get closer to the point where you're not going to make the playoffs, bob, sooner later, you just have to wonder whether jerry jones looks to jason garrett, a guy who has been on that short list of head coaching candidates, the team's offensive coordinator and wonder whether giving the job to jason garrett mid season would be the spark to turn it around?
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jerry jones desperately wants to take his team to the super bowl that is hosting in the brand-new stadium. >> jerry jones is fond of wade phillips and make a change reluctantly if it came to that but you're saying he would be willing to make it in season, yes? >> i think that sense of wanting desperately to play in that super bowl he is going to host to maybe make him doing something along those lines. the losses would have to pile up before he would get to that point, but he really wants to play in that super bowl he is going to be hosting. >> mike, what are some of the key injuries you're going to be reporting on? >> for the cowboys, today, bob, you talked about it at halftime the ongoing concussion problem jason witten falls into the nfl procedures for getting clearance to come back and play. it can be a week are it's up to the doctors at this point. jets cornerback darrelle revis aggravated a hamstring injury and have an mri tomorrow. jets are optimistic it's not serious.
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percy har harvin that brett favre needs to step up and perform he aggravated a hip injury and mri tomorrow and see how it turns out. >> check out more from mike on profootballtalk on with his monday ten-pack. the latest nfl news and notes. the colts beat the giants and did it handily. 28-14 -- 38-14. back to wrap it up after this. . how's your shave? kinda like tuggin' and pullin'. see how shaving can cause irritating tug and pull? [ male announcer ] that's why gillette's introducing the revolutionary new fusion proglide. it glides... like literally. [ male announcer ] now, fusion proglide has been engineered with gillette's thinnest blades ever so it glides for less tug and pull. turns shaving into gliding. and skeptics into believers. new fusion proglide. and warm up before you shave for incredible comfort with new proseries thermal scrub. and warm up before you shave for incredible comfort boss: and now i'll turn it over gecko: ah, thank you, sir. as we all know, geico has been saving people money on rv, camper and trailer insurance... well as motorcycle insurance...
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this is the play of the game. >> play of the game. let's go to dwight freeney collection. >> i wish we had the package of this. dwight freeney and robert mathis on the other the other side too much for david diehl. not a lot of help but made the decision they would leave their tackles alone.
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with this crowd noise, nearly impossible to get the two guys blocked. our plays of the game, there were a lot of those. >> big-time defense and offensively they got started the first drive of the game resulting in a donald brown touchdown. and the colts who never led last week, never trailed tonight in a way they went. the other new york team, the jets a big win today in a tight game and then mark sanchez had a good second half. >> for mark sanchez, this was really a pressure-packed game. a lot of people questioning whether or not the coaching staff even believed in him enough to turn the ball over to him, let him throw the ball down the field. and that game was close in the fourth quarter and rex ryan said, here you go, let's see what you got and he came through. >> 2-0 dolphins next week, too. our first sunday night game in miami. indianapolis wins it. the final score is 38-14. so it is the jets against the dolphins on "sunday night
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football" one week from tonight. "football night in america" gets it started at 7:00 eastern and 4:00 pacific time. for now, it's al michaels and cris collinsworth and andrea kremer and our entire nbc sports crew saying good night from indianapolis. . -- captions by vitac -- >> it was a good day for the orioles and baltimore's economy. >> and a cold front moving through tonight. the seven-day forecast up
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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> a big weekend for baltimore sports fans, some happier than others tonight, but it was downtown businesses cheering the most thanks to out-of-town guests. good evening. it was a tough day for the ravens, many watched the away game at your favorite downtown spot and oriole park was packed
11:45 pm
this weekend for the first time in month. all of the sports action added up to a big boost for the city. >> baltimore sports fans, you have mixed emotions right now. an orioles win coupled with the ravens loss. but there is a silver lining. camden yards usually doesn't see this many fans leaving an o's game, especially in september. many of these fans are wearing pin stripes and dark blue. by the busload, thousands of loyal new york yankee fans came to see the yankees. it's a resurges in businesses. >> we've rang in over $10,000 in sales as of yesterday. >> add in a ravens away game and you have thousands of sports
11:46 pm
fans coming downtown to watch their team play. >> a lot of people watching the ravens game. we're going to be hanging out until the giants play later on tonight. so it's a fun town. >> this new jersey mother and daughter team came down sunday to catch their favorite team. >> you got to spread it around a little bit. absolutely. it was a great drive down here. it's a great day. it's a great city. >> prompting this oriole fan to reluctantly thank the enemy. >> i really appreciate the yankee fans coming down. they're helping out the city, absolutely. i think we had a sell-out, almost a sell-out crowd last night and the night before. what i necessarily don't appreciate is just the actual fans themselves. >> with the way the o's are playing right now, downtown businesses hope next year they don't need yankee fans to boost their bottom line. in downtown baltimore, wbal, tv 11 news. >> scoring just 10 points in their regular season games thus
11:47 pm
far, it may seem the ravens have a long season ahead. a rough day on offense as the ravens loss to the bengals. joe flacco threw four interceptions and today was possibly one of his worst games as q.b. and, of course, make sure to stay with us tonight for more on the ravens. join ravens wrap-up immediately following this news cast. >> the search is on for the gun man if two deadly shooting last night. police say an unidentified man was shot in the head in the 1200 block of bonaparte avenue. he later died at johns hopkins hospital. no word on the suspect or motive. 15 minutes earlier, police were called to the 2900 block of edgewood street. we're told 28-year-old isaiah white was shot in the back and
11:48 pm
chest and later died at a hospital. police say white was involved in a fight downtown earlier saturday evening. detectives have leads in the case. fire officials investigating what caused a two-alarm fire in west river. flames broke out in the 4900 block of chalk point road. and in anne arundel county, three schools will be closed due to a water main break, including chesapeake high school, chesapeake bay middle school, folger mckinsey elementary school. government scientists and b.p. engineers say the well responsible for the worst oil spill in u.s. history will never leak again. the final seal, 74 barrels of cement, withstood pressure tests. many believe the cleanup and aftermath from the spill is far
11:49 pm
from over with possibly thousands of gallons of oil lying on the ocean floor. democratic senator ben cardin is weighing in on the controversy of the bush-era tax cuts. he joins lisa robinson to discuss about what will likely be a big issue come the election in november. many republicans argue that tax cuts should apply to everyone, even the wealthy, but democrats are backing president obama's proposal to only extend the cuts to families making less than $250,000 a year and individuals making less than $200,000. >> this is not the time for middle income families to pay more in taxes. >> cardin says congress is also focusing on tax cuts for small businesses to help expand job growth. and new reports from the u.s.
11:50 pm
census bureau ranks maryland as the fourth wealthiest state. alaska rounded out the top. mississippi ranked worst with a median income of $35,693. nearly half of bermuda residents are reportedly without power as they endure hurricane igor's winds and rain. the storm near the island of the category one hurricane just before dark. powerful waves reached nearly 15 feet and are wearing away at the beaches on the island. there was a homecoming sunday morning for one of the three american hikers held in iran the last 13 months. she spoke about her ordeal for the first time she was released on humanitarian grounds by the iranian government. >> i stand before you today only one third free. we committed no crime and we are not spies. >> the families of shane bauer
11:51 pm
and josh fattal hold out home as iran's president suggest they may be freed if the u.s. makes a similar gesture. still ahead, gas prices hit a summer low over the labor day weekend but last week they crept back up. we'll explain what's going on. if you didn't enjoy the sweltering hot summer days, neither did the fall crops. >> it was a warm finish to this weekend but a cold front coming through tonight, impacting the weather for the early part of the work week. right now, 71 at the airport and 76 downtown ♪
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[ monkey cheeps ] [ male announcer ] a bath becomes even more pleasurable when you know that your water is being heated in an environmentally- conscious way while saving you hundreds of dollars on your water-heating energy bill. the geospring water heater from ge with advanced hybrid technology. heating the water in your home any other way is just going to seem primitive. [ monkey cheeps ]
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♪ maryland residents can save up to $780 while funds last. >> in tonight's consumer alert, filling up at the pump is once again taking more money out of your pocket. last week, the price per gallon for unleaded gasoline went up five cents to $2.64 in maryland. aaa says this is in part to the embryl pipe shutdown in the midwest. by friday, the cost of crude oil dropped which could bring prices down but disruptions in the gulf during hurricane season could
11:55 pm
send prices higher. now the hot weather is taking its toll on the pumpkin. an anne arundel county supplier told us be sure to get them early before they're gone. >> the heat stress dries the plant up and you don't get the quality because this should be a much larger pumpkin than it already is. >> at papa john's farm, the never-ending hot weather is causing problems at the pumpkin patch. farmer gina shillinger says with so many hot days, expect to see pumpkins, but not many. >> the heat stresses the plant and it drops the blosesems off -- blossoms off and they don't pollinate. some of the pumpkins which should be turning orange in september were orange in august.
11:56 pm
>> the hot weather also means canning tomatoes are scarce. however, the summer is making fruits like cantaloupes and watermelons sweeter. shillinger says you can expect higher prices at the grocery store. >> the cost is higher because we've had to water more this year. we've had to fertilize a little more, trying to hold them off and to give them what they need, because the farmer needs to get so much per acre out of it to even be work growing them. >> and we're told the hot weather does make the pumpkins taste a bit sweeter. >> now, your 11 instaweather plus forecast with chief meteorologist. >> and warm temperatures today to wrap up the weekend. 84 degrees at bwi marshall and the inner harbor. 53 to start the day at the
11:57 pm
airport. so a 31-degree turnaround from an early-morning cool scenario to warm afternoon temperatures. 75 downtown right now. 70s in park to know, west miles an -- westminster and frederick. rain showers fell apart as they came through the dry areas of central and eastern maryland and by morning, most of the cloud cover will dissipate, as well. should see gradual clearing and cooler weather on the way. 50 in bradford, pennsylvania. 59 out near oakland. some of that cool air comes in here tomorrow morning. mid 60s in downtown baltimore and winds kicking in out of the north. you can see the front sliding through and dissipating and a big area of high pressure with dry conditions in the midwest. igor in the bermuda, the front coming through the mid atlantic
11:58 pm
should push igor to the northern atlantic. maybe a thunderstorm approaching from the north and west wednesday afternoon or evening but into the middle part of the week, very nice weather. sunshine returns tomorrow, breezy, cooler day, north winds 10 to 20. low humidity, comfortable monday. sun rises 6:52. on the bay, winds gusting from the north. small craft advisory with two to three-foot drop in the afternoon -- chop in the afternoon hours. if you're in western maryland, beautiful conditions monday, sunshine and 68. cool in the morning, comfortable in the afternoon. around 78 around the bay tomorrow with brisk northerly winds. the work week off to a good start although with igor off the coast the surf will be rough and a dangerous rip current threat in the water but on shore, nice day, sunshine and about 80.
11:59 pm
igor is skirting to the west of bermuda. thankfully julia weakening down to tropical storm status. if you take a close-up look, there's bermuda. you can see the center of the storm passing to the west of it crawling to the northwest of bermuda so while the center of the storm did not cross the island, they got a lot of strong south-southeasterly winds coming to the south side of that island as the center of the storm passed west and is pulling away. not a direct hit but a strong impact from a category one hurricane. it is now sitting 40 miles from hamilton in bermuda with 75 mile-an-hour winds and should continue to race to the northeast and slowly weaken, staying safely away from our region but on the coast, dangerous rip currents. cincinnati and breezy tomorrow -- cincinnati -- 78 and breeze tomorrow. slight chance for a thunderstorm late wednesday as it starts to heat up and a better chance for scattered storms on thursday. >>

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